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Zarina Amin & Komal Patel are the two Co-Founders of Aananya. The two share a passion for event planning and truly enjoy being apart of a clients big event. They both met in college at The George Washington University and have since then planned various events together. The two of them come from very different professional backgrounds, but together they have created a unique concept of creative sustainable event planning. Their goal is to not only plan the logistics of the event, but to style the entire production. They set themselves apart by providing not only a traditional planner service, but use their skills to assist the family and couple with the whole journey of event planning.

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Zarina Amin

Sustainability Expert 


With degrees in Civil/ Environmental Engineering and Project Management she has extensive experience planning events and projects varying from smaller budgets to large scale productions.

Her engineering background provides a unique skill set for negotiation, logistics and project management. Beyond planning events she engineers them with the finest detail. As an environmentalist she creates sustainable options for events allowing people to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing style and vision. 

She not only coordinates meetings and functions but socially engineers them to ensure all parties leave with lasting memories.

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Komal Patel

Creative Design Expert


With a degree in Hospitality and Event Management and over 6 years of professional experience in the industry, Komal has acquired a true passion for event planning.

Komal’s first priority is always ensuring her client is given their dream event along with the best service! She believes in creating a unique experience for every guest at your event, while making them feel like a VIP.

Her unconventional taste and creativity in making a personal story into design has created lasting impressions. She will take the time to really get to know the client and then think outside of the box to make every dream into a reality.

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